In today's fast-paced world, technological advancements have opened up avenues for innovation across various industries. One such field experiencing exponential growth is drone technology. Whether for military reconnaissance or civilian applications like aerial photography and surveillance, drones offer unprecedented opportunities. However, designing and manufacturing drones require expertise and resources that might seem daunting for new enterprises. This is where Flyby Technology emerges as a game-changer.

Flyby Technology, with its cutting-edge solutions, streamlines the entire process of drone development and manufacturing for budding enterprises. Through state-of-the-art software and hardware integration, Flyby enables companies to conceptualize, design, and prototype drones efficiently. Its advanced simulation tools allow for rigorous testing, ensuring optimal performance and safety compliance.

One of Flyby's key strengths lies in its expertise in regulatory compliance. Navigating the complex web of regulations surrounding drone technology can be overwhelming for newcomers. Flyby's team of experts provides invaluable guidance, ensuring that the drone design aligns with legal requirements, whether for civilian or military purposes.

Moreover, Flyby facilitates seamless collaboration between design teams and manufacturers, optimizing the production process. By leveraging their extensive network of manufacturing partners, Flyby assists enterprises in finding the most suitable fabrication facilities, reducing costs and time-to-market.

Another significant advantage of partnering with Flyby is access to its vast repository of data and insights. By harnessing big data analytics, Flyby assists enterprises in fine-tuning their drone designs based on real-world performance metrics, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.

Furthermore, Flyby's commitment to innovation ensures that enterprises stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry. With ongoing research and development initiatives, Flyby continually introduces new features and technologies, empowering enterprises to create drones that push the boundaries of what's possible.

In conclusion, Flyby Technology offers a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise that empowers new enterprises to navigate the complexities of drone design and manufacturing. By leveraging Flyby's capabilities, budding entrepreneurs can turn their vision of innovative drones into reality, opening up a world of possibilities in both civilian and military sectors.

James Keown

Thales Business Development Manager

It is breaking the barriers in showing what is possible by employing existing technology. And to show people, to demonstrate visually, that we can use lightweight precision weapons from this latest generation of, let’s call it a tactical platform, where we can have, perhaps, two rounds and we can exploit all the benefits of LMM as precise. It has a good range, you know, it’s like two to 6km, and can be used against a variety of high-value threats.

Jon Parker

Flyby Technology CEO

you want to win you have to be a step ahead and everybody else is racing ahead and we need to be able to either catch up or overtake. Jackal is the start of that process. Up until now, drones have been used in a very light tactical way or as a big standoff surveillance platform and reconnaissance platform, sometimes with missiles on them to do small interventions on roads in Afghanistan and things like that.


Courageous and determined military leaders have one noble mission: to protect the people of their nation from threats and ensure their safety. Flyby can offer our expertise to help our friends be on the winning side.

Our consultancy services in the field of drone design and operations, including combat UAVs, encompass a wide range of aspects including compliance and regulatory approvals, as well as doctrine and tactics for military and government agencies. With the rapid advancement of drone technology, it has become crucial for organisations to navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape surrounding drone operations.

We ensure that our customers are equipped to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, such as airspace restrictions, licensing, and technical solutions. We provide guidance on obtaining necessary permissions, certifications and insurance coverage, and accompany you on that journey. We assist in developing comprehensive doctrine, training and tactics for effective drone employment in combat scenarios. thereby enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring mission success.

Working with us will help you mitigate risks and optimise the performance of technology and personnel. Our guidance will enable you to stay at the forefront of technological advancements while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and safety of combat UAV operations.

Drone and training system design for military and government operations involves the comprehensive development of aircraft and training programmes. Designing the aircraft entails creating robust and versatile platforms, optimised for specific operational requirements. This includes considering factors such as payload capacity, endurance, range, maintainability and reliability. Simultaneously, the training system is designed to ensure pilots receive the necessary skills and knowledge to operate the aircraft effectively and safely.

Our experts develop tailored training programs that encompass GVC, BVLOS, and core mission training and examining. They create detailed documentation and technical manuals that cover all aspects of the aircraft, including its systems, maintenance procedures, operational processes, and emergency response guidelines. These resources provide pilots and maintenance personnel with the necessary information to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot problems the aircraft encounters effectively.

The process always includes full support from Flyby Technology on your journey.

This integrated support ensures that military and government entities can leverage the full potential of drones while adhering to regulations, optimising their operational capabilities, and achieving mission success.

Specialist drone pilot training for military and government operations plays a pivotal role in maximising the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various scenarios. This training encompasses a range of components, including General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, as well as mission-specific training.

GVC training equips all drone pilots with the necessary skills to operate UAVs within visual line of sight, following established processes and regulations. This training emphasises safe and efficient flying, understanding airspace restrictions, and complying with the complex but relevant laws.

BVLOS training is essential for expanding the operational range of drones, enabling pilots to fly beyond the visual horizon. Pilots gain expertise in utilising advanced technologies, such as sense-and-avoid systems and long-range secure communications, to ensure safe and effective BVLOS operations.

Mission-specific training focuses on tailoring drone operations to meet your objectives, such as reconnaissance, surveillance, or target acquisition. Pilots are trained in tactical manoeuvres, mission planning, data capture and analysis, and payload utilisation, optimising the drone’s role in military and government operations.

Working with Flyby Technology in specialised drone pilot training, military and government organisations can harness the full potential of UAVs, enhancing situational awareness, operational efficiency, and mission success.

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