Flyby Technology is an experienced Original Equipment Manufacturer responsible for the JACKAL Combat UAV. Our instructors have extensive piloting experience in every Fast Jet and Combat Helicopter role. We can give expert advice about future UAV purchases, their operational procedures and concept of employment. We can design the entire operation and pilot training. We can advise on required entry and output standards of pilots, the viability of a prospective UAV to meet the task you wish it to perform and offer alternative suggestions. We can direct the correct research and thus stop an organisation wasting time exploring irrelevant rabbit holes of capability. Militaries around the World are spending vast sums of money exploring the art of the possible, Flyby can shorten that phase of investigation by offering sound and timely advice and saving significant costs as a result.

James Keown

Thales Business Development Manager

It is breaking the barriers in showing what is possible by employing existing technology. And to show people, to demonstrate visually, that we can use lightweight precision weapons from this latest generation of, let’s call it a tactical platform, where we can have, perhaps, two rounds and we can exploit all the benefits of LMM as precise. It has a good range, you know, it’s like two to 6km, and can be used against a variety of high-value threats.

Jon Parker

Flyby Technology CEO

you want to win you have to be a step ahead and everybody else is racing ahead and we need to be able to either catch up or overtake. Jackal is the start of that process. Up until now, drones have been used in a very light tactical way or as a big standoff surveillance platform and reconnaissance platform, sometimes with missiles on them to do small interventions on roads in Afghanistan and things like that.

JACKAL Appears in the RAF's Air and Space Power Review

JACKAL has appeared in the RAF's Air and Space Power Review. This journal is the professional flagship publication of the Royal Air Force and how it thinks...

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JACKAL is in the Defence Command Paper 2023

The Paper that the Government has written to describe its vision for our armed forces has centred on the need for highly effective affordable platforms that can be acquired quickly and cheaply. It contains photographs of JACKAL firing a missile in our recent firing trial. It is great to be used as an example of how things should be done.

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Air International

Flyby Technology's appearance in the August edition of Air International is something of a first for a small business. Small but MIGHTY!

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